Mystery Box Archive

5 Surprise dvd titles in each order

What's in the box?
3 dvds with artwork
2 dvds disc-only (no artwork)
A total of
5 dvds

What's the deal? There are many rare titles in our collection that, for one reason or another, we can't put on the website. NONE of there titles included in the mystery box are for sale on the J4HI site.

The cost: $50.00 (retail cost is $84.00. You save $34.00!) plus shipping.

Genres include: Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Documentary, Animation, Drama, Gore, Comedy, Sleaze, Sexploitation, Action and one-of-kind compilations! Each Mystery Box will include a variety of genres.

Bonus: The Mystery Box may also include a bonus cd soundtrack, fanzine reprint or other goodies.


Buy "Mystery Box - September" : $50.00

Buy "Mystery Box - August 2023 (XXX Edition)" : $50.00

Buy "Mystery Box - July 2023" : $50.00

Buy "Mystery Box - June 2023" : $50.00

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