(aka Inside Amy, aka Super Swinging Playmates )


DIRECTOR: Ronald Garcia (The Toy Box)

STARS: Mikel Angel (The Last Sundown), Jan Mitchell, Gary Kent (Run Home Slow, Savage Seven), Rene Bond (Godchildren), Marsha Jordan (Black Alley Cats, Teenage Jailbait)

SYNOPSIS: Charlie is a middle aged lawyer with a comfortable life and a wife who cares for him. When a client tells him about swing clubs and wife swapping Charlie becomes obsessed with the idea. He badgers his wife Amy about trying out this new lifestyle. She isn't too interested. Later that night they have sex and Charlie finishes in 30 seconds. He rolls over and asks if she had an orgasm. Instead she answers that, on second thought, she will go to the swinger's club! At their first party there are 3 other couples. By night's end Amy has sex with multiple men (including 70's genre fave Gary Kent). At one point she gets screwed while Charlie lies in bed next to her - a cuckold of his own making! Meanwhile Charlie can't even get it up for a hot blonde ("Don't worry, Charlie. It happens" - he's told for the 2nd time). On the ride home he's annoyed at how much fun Amy had. The next day it continues to burn him up. Finally he launches into a killing spree and murders the 3 men who slept with his wife. Amy knows nothing about the murders and sets up another get together. Charlie agrees and watches his wife have sex with a man and a woman (her first lesbian experience). Later he returns and kills them in gory fashion. Eventually the cops close it, Amy gets wise and Charlie still doesn't get laid. More thriller than sexploitation but it still offers up numerous sex scenes and sleaze. All the male swingers are slightly sweaty and creepy. You'll see some cool vintage footage of "Filthy McNasty's", on Sunset Strip in L.A., where all the swinging playmates meet.

Bonus: Video previews

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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