Ken Osborne (Cain's Cutthroats, Escape From Cell Block Three)

STARS: Don Epperson (The Female Bunch), Robert Dix (Satan's Sadists), Casey Kasem (Free Grass), Bruce Kimball (Pink Garter Gang, Drive-In Massacre)

SYNOPSIS: The poster art on this one is a little misleading. It looks like a classic 70's biker film ala Run Angel Run or Hell's Angels on Wheels. Granted, the film starts off with a riff between a group of harmless dune buggy lovers and some hell-raising sleazy bikers ("The Roadrunners") and the finale has the two groups finally fighting each other. But in-between, the film spends a lot of time at a local club with live music and everyone drinking "Schlitz" beer from cans. The (real) bands that get to play full songs include Billie & Blue, Three of August, Saturday Review and 13th Committee. But star Don Epperson, the leader of the "Dune Buggy Boys", gets the most screen time with about four songs. He's sort of a low rent, aw shucks, Elvis type. The music in the film ranges from soft rock to rockabilly to folk rock. To complicate matters Epperson falls for a bleach blonde biker chick and the biker's leader (Dix) falls for one of the dune buggy girls! Can these two gangs find some common ground? There are brawls, a knife fight, a near rape and a fair amount of car and bike action too. This film has more in common with the Beach Blanket Bingo films that showcased music around the bare bones plot. This film adds some action and swaps Frankie and Annette for gear heads and bikers. Famed DJ Casey Kasem plays a hot-headed biker who's smaller than all the other gang members. Shot at Pismo Beach, California.

BONUS: Original theatrical trailer

*For more see: Savage Seven, Outlaw Riders and Flash and Firecat

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free / Code Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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