(aka Fatal Fix, aka Eroina)


DIRECTOR: Massimo Pirri (Kiss of the Cobra)

STARS: Helmut Berger (Mission to Kill), Corrine Clery (The Story of O, Hitch-Hike), Karl Zinny (Demons, The Final Executioner), Franco Citti (Watch Me When I Kill), George Ardisson (Hercules in the Haunted World, Getting Even)

SYNOPSIS: Gritty drama showing the day-to-day lives of two heroin addicts. Helmut Berger and Corrine Clery star as "Marco" and "Pina". Like two sharks they're constantly navigating the sleazy streets of 1980's Italy doing whatever it takes to get their next fix. Berger is unredeemable as he lies, steals from his ex-wife, screws over Clery and commits crimes with no regrets. Most of their cash comes from Clery turning tricks and stealing from her customers. She and Berger don't even fuck any more. The only sex he has is when he takes some uppers and screws another man for money. Their whole world is grimy, filthy and dark. They live in a converted bus across the river from a junkyard. In one scene Clery hikes up her dress and injects her inner thigh right next to her hairy bush! Ultimately, they find out about a big shipment of heroin and plan to rob the dealers. But of course being junkies this plan goes very wrong. A fascinating character study with no punches pulled. This film would be a good triple feature with Christiane F. and Drugstore Cowboy.

Note: This film is in dubbed English with unremovable Dutch subtitles.

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Widescreen (window boxed) / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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