( aka Tänzerinnen fur Tanger )


DIRECTOR: Jack Guy (Unfasten Your Seat Belts)

STARS: Gina Janssen (Hellhole Women), Esther Studer (Love Camp), Eric Falk (Barbed Wire dolls, Mad Foxes), Jaques Stany (The Erotic Dreams of Cleopatra)

SYNOPSIS: This sexploitation film is a little darker than the usual fare. It starts with a montage of woman working in the sex trade. A narrator explains how various girls ended up in the porn industry, brothel, sex slavery etc as we see pretty explicit footage. Then the main story begins in Germany as a blonde girl named "Helga" is tricked into going outside the country with a strange man. He provides her with a false passport and then shoots her up with dope. From this point on she's a sex slave working for a worldwide criminal network. A naive country girl is also picked up and raped by two men. Most of the girls in the ring end up dancing nude in an Amsterdam nightclub. After each dance men from the audience can pay to have sex with them. Meanwhile, a female reporter is trying to find Helga and expose the sex trafficking ring. The bad guys are completely sadistic and usually laugh while raping and abusing the women. One creep is named "Karate Jack". Almost all the nudity is full frontal, big bush and tan lines, and the sex borders on NC-17. Fans of more dramatic sexploitation, like Train Station Pickups or Christiane F., will like this one.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Sensual Partners" : $20.00

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