(aka Jugando con la Muerte)


DIRECTOR: Jose Antonio de la Loma (Perros Callejeros, Barcelona Kill)

STARS: Jorge Rivero (Killing Machine, Conquest), Maud Adams (Octopussy), Max Von Sydow (Flight of the Eagle, Strange Brew), George Peppard (Damnation Alley, Your Ticket is No Longer Valid), Chuck Conners (Tourist Trap, Sakura Killers)

SYNOPSIS: Mexican actor Jorge Rivero (aka George Rivero) stars in this international all-star action film. Since Rivero isn't known as much for his acting prowess as he is for his musclebound body, the director somehow convinced big names Conners, Peppard and Van Sydow to help out. Rivera plays an ex-special forces wiseass who the ladies can't resist. After he gets into some legal trouble a secret police bigshot, Van Sydow, convinces him to go undercover and expose a drug smuggling ring. Maud Adams is assigned to be his contact and partner. As they investigate the gang it turns out they're selling uranium to terrorists which makes the stakes much higher. Peppard chews the scenery as an old pal of Rivero's and the main villain. With lots of action and some laughs the film is clearly going for a "James Bond" vibe with car chases, karate, skydiving, motorcycles, a motorized hang glider, shoot-outs, fights and a pursuit down some steep ski slopes. An entertaining low budget exploitation film filled with action. Pino Donnagio provides the theme song "Night Flight".

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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