(aka Little Sister)


DIRECTOR: Jan Egleson (Billy in the Lowlands, The Last Hit)

STARS: John Savage (Inside Moves), Tracy Pollan, Roxanne Hart (Highlander), Richard Jenkins (Bone Tomahawk), Jack Kehoe (Midnight Run), Peter Gerety (The Wire), Kevin Bacon (Friday the 13th)

SYNOPSIS: Nicely crafted drama with John Savage as a Boston based probation officer who really cares about the troubled kids he's in charge of. Savage is trusted by teens who are dipping their toes into the big criminal pool and often he's their last chance before going to jail. A young girl (Pollan) is appointed to him after an arrest. Her boyfriend is pulling her into a dangerous lifestyle but Savage notices something is a little off too. It's no spoiler that she's a victim of continued incest from her father (Jenkins). The audience knows this fact but it's not until the end that Savage learns it as well. There's some profanity, brief nudity (not from Pollan) plus a little glimpse at the seedier side of Boston with porn theaters and strip clubs. What could come off as a corny made-for-tv special is instead very well done. The direction and writing are both above average. All the actors are good across the board. Jenkins is especially memorable in a tricky role while a young (uncredited!) Kevin Bacon plays a sleazy co-worker. Director Egleson is know for his realistic blue collar dramas. (If anyone has a copy of his film Billy in the Lowlands (1979) — please let me know!)

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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