DIRECTOR: Chuck Vincent (Blue Summer, N.Y.'s Finest, Wimps)

STARS: Louie Bonanno, Tally Chanel, Jerome Brenner, Veronica Hart (Deranged), Candida Royalle, Taija Ray, Samantha Fox (Wanda whips Wall Street, Violated), Gloria Leonard

SYNOPSIS: Poor Tony Cannelloni (Bonanno) is unlucky in love. He's still living at home with his family in New Jersey, working his sad office job and getting turned down by every woman he meets. A magazine ad for a book called "Sex Appeal" catches his eye and he quickly buys it. We watch as he follows the advice of the book step by step: everything from dressing better to exercising to getting an apartment and tricking it out as a swinging bachelor pad. His new place has an oversized stereo system, a stocked bar and a chest filled with adult vhs tapes including Dirty Looks, Fascination, Smoker and Vincent's film Roommates. Amazingly it works like a charm and he has women coming over on a regular basis. Unfortunately, every time he's ready to seal the deal something goes wrong: his mother shows up for a surprise visit, an odd woman (Veronica Hart) only wants her fingers kissed and sucked, a jealous husband arrives and screws his wife right in front of our poor hero, etc. Meanwhile, Tony's next door neighbor overhears all the wild goings-on and writes everything down for a popular column in "PlayHouse" magazine called "New Jersey Casanova". Even Tony's own father gets so worked up after reading the column he screws his secretary! This is a very 80's (fashion, music, decor) sex comedy from Chuck Vincent and it's a silly flashback to when films like this ran on cable television late at night. Bonanno is likable doing a sad sack Jerry Lewis impression and all the supporting cast are clearly having fun. XXX-rated stars Hart, Royal, Ray, Fox and Leonard all have small roles.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Sex Appeal" : $20.00

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