DIRECTOR: Sam Auster

STARS: Michael Allan Bloom, Robert Bundy, Paul Lueken, Michelle Bauer (In Search of the Perfect 10, Cafe Flesh), Monique Gabrielle (E. Nick, Emmanuelle 5)

SYNOPSIS: 80's sex comedy with the old "Let's have a fake screen test so we can get laid" trick. Four goofy guys decide that best way to hook up with sexy women is to pretend to shoot a porn video. They hold a casting call and all sorts of characters (men and women) show up. The guys pick their favorites and proceed to woo them— of course everything goes wrong, especially when one girl they pick is the daughter of a stereotypical mob boss. He wants the "negative" and all their footage (to preserve his daughter's good name). In order to save their necks they now have to actually shoot the XXX video! Screen Test is a pretty straight forward 80's comedy that occasionally has surreal and outlandish moments; at the casting call a seeing eye dog auditions, in a sex toy shop two Siskel & Ebert lookalikes review an electronic vibro-pussy on their show "Sneak Perverts", the mob boss sits in a hot tub with two topless girls while his mother feds him pasta from a pot, etc. Big name sexploitation stars Michelle Bauer and Monique Gabrielle look amazing but they only show up a few times including a fantasy sex scene. Lots of harmless T&A fun.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Screen Test" : $20.00

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