VHS_action_4 Double Feature


(aka Superman Returns, The Return of Superman)



(aka Iron Fist: The Giants are Coming)

(1979 / 1970)

Two short features on
one disc!

DIRECTOR: Supermen Donuyor: Kunt Tulgar (Tarzan the Mighty Man) / Demir Yumruk: Tunc Basaran

STARS: Supermen Donuyor: Tayfun Demir, Gungor Bayrak, Yildirim Gencer (Kilink: Strip & Kill) / Demir Yumruk: Enver Ozer, Feri Cansel, Suleyman Turan, Altan Gunbay (3 Dev Adam, Yarasa Adam)

Two action packed Turkish superhero, with short running times, films on one disc..

Supermen Donuyor: Easily one of the funniest Turkish rip-off films made. Everyone knows the tale of Superman by heart so it's interesting to see how this film changes the plot. Our hero is played by Tayfun Demir and to make things easy they call him "Tayfun" in the film too. He's stiff as a board, 6&1/2 feet tall and his acting could best be described as subtle. His character works at a newspaper, wears thick rimmed glasses and has a love interest. She's a spunky female reporter and her scientist father has discovered some Kryptonite. The main evil villain is trying to get his hands on it as he's invented a machine that can change metal to gold. But the device requires Kryptonite to work. Superman gets into lots of fights with thick mustachioed goons, stops two trains from crashing, lets bullets bounce off his chest and flies around a lot. For the flying effects it goes back and forth from a close-up on his face to a shot of a doll dangling in front of some of the worst rear projection shots you've ever seen. Musical cues are "borrowed" from the American film. A must have! In Turkish language with English subtitles. Running time: 1hr 7mins

Demir Yumruk: While the above film is so-bad-it's-good this film is genuinely good. There are two heroes who actually look like they could kick some ass plus a sexy girl agent who holds her own. The evil Fu Manchu, dressed in drag, is the main villain. His bodyguards are bikini clad women with machine guns. The other bad guy is the titular "Iron Fist": a bald-headed creep with a scar on his face. He's invented a large iron glove that goes over his hand and can shoot bullets. The two gangs are both after a hidden cache of treasure and uranium. Our heroes are trying to find it first. There are fight scenes, shootings, car chases, sex scenes, half naked women tied up and tortured, humor and the soundtrack is funky 60's spy music (along with some "borrowed" American biker film music). The costumed superhero has a Superman "S" on his chest and a Batman bat symbol on his belt! It's fast-moving, looks good and is really entertaining plus the film print is in great shape to boot. In Turkish language with English subtitles. Running time: 1hr 10mins

Original Turkish film trailers

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Black & White
(Iron Fist)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLUE dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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