DIRECTOR: Gary Hudson

STARS: Forrest Tucker (Crawling Eye, Timestalkers), John Ireland (Northeast of Seoul), John Shepherd, Jill Whitlow, Wallace Langham ("Larry Sanders Show")

SYNOPSIS: Korean war vet Forrest Tucker runs his 18 wheeler, with high grade plutonium in the back, through desert roads evading thieves who are trying to rob him. In his second to last film 67-year old Forrest Tucker takes one last ride, this time in a truck instead of on a horse. Old pal Ireland shows up at Tucker's gravel company one day and offers him a sweet deal to drive a truck from Nevada to Arizona for the government. The catch is that there's plutonium on board and he will be the bait to catch an unknown terrorist group threatening the United States. Early in the film there's a drag race, Smokey & the Bandit style chases and a bar fight. Later Tucker picks out a new rig and his friends help him trick it out to withstand any attacks by adding armored plating, flame throwers, gasoline bombs, power boosters and more. A comic relief computer geek (Larry Sanders wiseguy Langham) uses his skills to help out as well. Forrest spends the last 45 minutes of the film like a low-budget Road Warrior on his Wages of Fear-style mission. The bad guys attack on motorcycle with shotguns and grenades, VW beetles with mounted rocket launchers and a big rig of their own. At one point Forrest manages to jump his 18 wheeler over a stalled train! Low budget high gear fun.

*For more see:
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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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