( aka The Last Sundown )



( aka Mona's Place )

(1971 / 1970)

(Double Feature on one DVD)

Six Women: Mike Bennett / Fandango: John Hayes (Grave of the Vampire, Mama's Dirty Girls, All the Lovin' Kinfolk)

STARS: Six Women: James Sweeney, Mikel Angel (Swingers Massacre), Marsha Jordan (Teenage Jailbait, Black Alley Cats), Lila Rue / Fandango: James Whitworth (The Hills Have Eyes, Sweet Sugar), Shawn Devereaux (The Seven Minutes), Marland Stewart (.357 Magnum, Bang Bang Gang), Tony Vorno

SYNOPSIS: Two ultra low-budget sexploitation westerns

Six Women: In the cheapest Western movie set ever seen, a crooked preacher pays two cowboys to drive a wagon load of six prostitutes out of town and into prison. A young cowhand hitches a ride with the group as well. The rest of the film takes place on their journey. The wagon master, George, is mean to everyone and has a habit of taking a really long piss and saying, "I really needed that." His right hand man is the slow witted Charley. They have a very Of Mice and Men / "George" and "Lennie" type relationship. Along their trip one girl, who tries to escape, is tied to a tree and whipped bloody. Later, when they stop for food and a shower, the homeowner spies on the girls bathing and abducts the youngest one. He drags her into the woods, strips her clothes off and rapes her. Charley shows up and shoots the rapist with his shotgun. The young cowhand falls in love with one of the whores. Ultimately, a jealous and drunk George brings the film to a violent conclusion. All the women are very attractive and have full frontal nude scenes. Very low budget with decent performances and enough skin and violence for fans who like their sexploitation Western style. Running time: 1hr 16mins.

Note: Onscreen title is The Last Sundown

Fandango: Big James Witworth, "Jupiter" from The Hills Have Eyes, stars as Dan, the owner of a gold mining camp in the hills. A few of his workers try to rob him and he shoots the leader Muck's nose off before he escapes. Realizing his men need some relief he decides to go into town and bring back some whores. He enlists two workers he deems as safe around the loose women. One is called "sissy Sam," a man raised by women who has a gentle demeanor. The other is Billy, a young buck who hasn't hit "poo-berty" (as Dan says) yet. They ride into town and go to the "Fandango" saloon where the madame Mona has her girls. Mona is played by Shawn Devereaux who has an eye-popping, double D, pin-up body you won't believe! There's some humor as Sam and Dan discover that Billy has indeed hit "poo-berty" as they marvel at his huge member. Soon after, both Sam and Billy get their cherries popped with some very eager prostitutes. After a sex filled weekend back at the mining camp the men run into trouble bringing the women back to town. Muck and his henchmen ambush the wagon and a bloody shoot-out ends with some last minute revenge by the whores. Gun fights, some humor and good amount of nudity from a very attractive cast of women. Whitworth certainly looks the part of a rough and tumble character but his accent is not so much Old West as it is West Bronx which provides some unintentional laughs. Running Time: 1hr 12mins.

Note: Onscreen title Mona's Place

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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