( aka Olor a Muerte )


DIRECTOR: Ismael Rodriguez Jr. (Pandilleros)

STARS: Gilberto Trujillo, Carmen Salinas

SYNOPSIS: Mexican street kids battle in gangs, sniff glue and get help from a saintly doctor in this completely outrageous sleaze entry that makes Los Olvidados look quaint. A young medical student (a stiff Gilberto Trujillo) comes to a poor Mexican town and helps out an overworked doctor. He immediately sees the sad state of affairs for the poverty stricken local kids. Faced with drunken parents, sexual abuse or no one at all, they turn to living with street gangs. There are two main gangs in the town. One teen girl joins a gang and they immediately set her up turning tricks to earn her keep. Some of the older kids commit armed robbery, rape and murder. In a bloody scene a young boy has one eye poked out with an ice pick to send a message to the rival gang. Another has his tongue cut out and fed back to him! It all ends in a big gang war at the city dump and a surprise ending you won't believe. Some amazing dialog too like when a young boy tells someone "I may be young and retarded but I know when something's wrong!". The whole thing feels like a Jack Chick religious tract come to life. Hysterically over-the-top good and bad human behavior; all with a life lesson. The theme song will get stuck in your head. An excellent quality print of this rare film. In spoken Spanish with English subtitles. Highly recommended! Don't do drugs.

*For more see:
Perros Callejeros, Los Olvidados and Wild Pack

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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