Sig Shore (Return of Superfly)

STARS: Denise Coward (Battle for the Lost Planet), Frank Runyeon, Jaime Tirelli (Fort Apache the Bronx)

SYNOPSIS: Here's a rape and revenge film done in the mold of Death Wish. A sexy computer programmer unknowingly gets into a stolen cab driven by two sociopaths. The man in the backseat starts off by punching her in the face and beating her. She fights back by scratching his face bloody but he continues his assault and ultimately rapes her. The driver then pulls over drags her into the gutter and gives her a few kicks before speeding away. She ends up in the hospital covered in bruises and telling her story to the ineffective police. Weeks later she goes on vacation with a friend and impulsively buys a gun. She was an Army brat and knows her way around firearms. Back home she starts dressing sexy and going to the sleazy areas of NYC to entice the rapists and weirdos. Once they're alone she shoots them dead. Soon the press has dubbed her the "Dum Dum Killer" for the bullets she uses. At about the one hour mark the film becomes more of a police procedural. She starts dating the detective who's investigating her case and has located her two attackers. An extended car and foot chase through lower Manhattan ends up on a filthy Brooklyn dock. Our heroine catches up to her rapist, shotgun in hand, as the World Trade Center looms in the background. There's plenty of shootings and copious nudity by the Amazonian Denise Coward who has a thicker Australian accent than Paul Hogan! A very 80's synth soundtrack includes the puzzling use of New Order's "Confusion" as it's main theme.

BONUS: Original theatrical trailer

*For more action see: Violated / Deranged, Lovely But Deadly / Lady Avenger, Manhandlers and Rape of Love

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Sudden Death" : $20.00

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