(aka Let It Rock)


DIRECTOR: Roland Klick (Deadlock)

STARS: Dennis Hopper (Kid Blue, Last Movie), Terrance Robay, David Hess (Last House on the Left),

SYNOPSIS: In the lost six years between Out of the Blue and Blue Velvet Dennis Hopper made this forgotten film. He acts most like his character in Apocalypse Now - jumpy, motormouthed and improvising wildly. Hopper plays a fast talking rock promoter in Germany pushing a blonde haired techno musician as the next big thing. His character acts like he went to the Malcolm McLaren school of punk promotion and then added his own twist. Last House on the Left star David Hess gets hired by Hopper to start a riot and stir up some media attention. There's a great scene with Hopper trying to run over a gang of punks with his car and then running for his life. It's all pretty fascinating stuff for fans of Dennis Hopper at his most manic. Uncut version. In original spoken English. WIDESCREEN

Bonus: Original theatrical trailer

*For more see: Strike Back, Best Revenge and Soul Hustler

Widescreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "White Star" : $20.00

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