(1977 / 1979)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

DIRECTOR: Sidewinder 1: Earl Bellamy (Speedtrap) / A Great Ride: Don Hulette (Breaker, Breaker!)

STARS: Sidewinder 1: Michael Parks (Midnight Auto Supply, Arizona Heat), Marjoe Gortner (When You Comin Back Red Ryder), Susan Howard, Alex Cord (Street Asylum) / A Great Ride: Perry Lang (Big Red One, TAG: The Assassination Game), Michael Sullivan, Michael MacRae

SYNOPSIS: Dirt bike / motocross double feature

Sidewinder 1: Exploitation centered on the early days of professional dirt bike racing. Michael Parks and Marjoe Gortner are seasoned riders looking for the next level. They struggle along and end up with fast talking sponsor Alex Cord (and eventually the no-nonsense Susan Howard). It's rated PG so not much in the way of violence or T&A. Just lots of riding action, drama and a little sexual tension between Parks and Howard. Overall an entertaining entry for fans of dirt bike / motocross exploitation. 70's musician Eddie Rabbitt provides a few songs on the soundtrack.

A Great Ride:
Two professional motocross riders head out on a pleasure ride from Mexico to Canada. Along the way they run into various characters like a junkyard woman, two horny hippy chicks and a teen rider and his girlfriend. When one of the bikers makes eyes at the teen's girl he's challenged to a race. That race ends with the teen's head going into a pole. Soon the carefree bikers are on the run from the kid's psycho dad who drives a killer truck with an onboard computer. The leads are likable, there's plenty of nice desert riding and the action scenes are really first rate for a low budget outing. A neglected sleeper.

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A Great Ride

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Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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