DIRECTOR: Ugly George

STARS: Ugly George, various NYC nubiles, Debbie Harry (!), Ed Asner (!)

SYNOPSIS: Here's all the Ugly George you'll ever need! First up is a collection of UG footage originally released on the "Midnight Blue" video label. George is shown walking the seedy streets of 1980's NYC with his trusty camera on his back and decked out in his shiny silver outfit. Amazingly, he's able to sweet talk woman after woman into filthy alleys, dark back rooms and even his own cluttered apartment. He gets these curious amateurs to show their tits, ass and sometimes more. Occasionally dirty old George even jumps into the action himself. You have to remember this was long before the internet, Facebook and YouTube. Not to mention back when a home video camera was the size of a Buick. So, getting strangers to strip down was no easy feat. Next is a compilation of "Hits & Misses" which includes some later 90's scenes as well. Last but not least you get a 6 minute independent interview done with George back in the 80's. This vintage footage is one for the time capsule. It's really a lot of (by today's standards) harmless fun. Almost two hours of T&A!

*For more see: Life Without Shame, Brother Theodore Speaks, What Would Your Mother Say?, Fallen Angels and Confessions of a Blue Movie Star

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLUE dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Ugly George" : $20.00

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