~ Kiddie Matinee Double Feature! ~

( aka Automat na Prání )


( aka Tinerete Fara Batrînete, La Clé d'or / The Golden Key )

(1967 / 1968)

(Special Two DVD Disc set)

The Wishing Machine: Josef Pinkava / Kingdom of the Clouds: Elisabeta Bostan & Nicolae Codrescu

STARS: The Wishing Machine: Milan Zeman, Vit Weingartner / Kingdom of the Clouds: Mircea Breazu, Ana Szeles

SYNOPSIS: No doubt that some older film fans may remember catching these films as kids during the late 60's at a Saturday afternoon matinee. Or maybe later in the early 70's as grade school filler pouring from a 16mm film projector.

The Wishing Machine: Czech / French import about two boys, Tom and Charlie, who encounter the title machine and have a series of adventures. After taking in all the amazing sights at the World's Fair the duo tell their classmates of a "wish machine" they saw and soon the whole class is joining in the fun. Eventually our two stars decide they want to take a spaceship to the moon. But first they must complete a task as per the sexy voice in the rocket they dub "The Space Lady". After more adventures the boy's imagination has them as captives in a filthy Czech prison headed for execution! Needless to say their overactive imaginations land them home safely having learned a few lessons.

Kingdom of the Clouds: Classic "Kiddie Matinee"-type fare. An epic journey by a hero, fairy tale setting, mystical creatures and fantastic landscapes all courtesy of late 60's Romania! A hopeful young man searches for the key to eternal life. Along the way he runs into Father Time, a sexy fairy, an evil bird creature and he battles the Green Witch in the "Land of Decay". There's also a giant spider web, the Queen of Birds and the magic "Golden Apple of Truth" and....you get the idea. They packed this one full of fairy tale goodness.

NOTE: This is a special Two Disc set priced at $30.00

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Fullscreen / Color (Both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Wishing Machine / Kingdom in the Clouds" : $30.00

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