DIRECTOR: Eddie Romero (The "Blood Island" trilogy, Black Mama - White Mama)

STARS: Robert Conrad (Murph the Surf), Don Stroud ( Hollywood Man, Explosion ), Felton Perry (Mean Dog Blues, Robocop), John Ashley (Woman Hunt, Brides of Blood), Vic Diaz (A Taste of Hell)

SYNOPSIS: Great tough guy action film from Filipino wunderkind Eddie Romero. An American family is brutally shot to death in the Philippines and only the father survives. He visits ex-CIA man Conrad and asks for this help. Conrad in turn calls on old pal Perry, in an energetic performance, to help out. The two men have a long history of kicking ass and taking names. They eventually unravel a conspiracy by a group of rich businessmen. When they start getting too close to the truth a vicious cleaner (Stroud) is hired to eliminate our heroes. The film is packed with shoot-outs, car chase, explosions and fight scenes. The prolonged fight finale with Conrad and Stroud is a bloody, knock-down winner. Robert Conrad gives a great tough guy performance. He does not suffer fools lightly. His turn is right up there with Rod Taylor, Jim Brown and William Smith in films like Dark of the Sun and Darker Than Amber. John Ashley is memorably low key as a shady US agent and Stroud plays the villain with relish. Above average for this kind of fare. Recommended. WIDESCREEN.

Bonus: Original theatrical trailer.

*For more see:
Getting Even, Amsterdam Kill, Search for Vengeance, Eyes of the Dragon, Hollywood Man and Circle of Fear

Widescreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Sudden Death" : $20.00

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