(aka Killers Die Hard, aka Gun Fighter)


DIRECTOR: Ricou Browning

STARS: Richard Jaeckel (Killing Machine, Delta Fox), Ron Slinker, Lloyd Bochner, John Agar (Hand of Death), Rance Howard

SYNOPSIS: The concept and the title for this film might be one of the all-time bad taste winners after The Crippled Masters and They Call Her One Eye. Basically a crime film with the mob and police battling over drug trade in Florida. The titular Mr. No Legs is played by the legless one-hit wonder Ron Slinker. He's mean, ruthless and not to be underestimated. He uses martial arts from his chair and on the ground to beat his opponents. When that doesn't work he utilizes two hidden shotguns in the arm of his wheelchair! Top billed Richard Jaeckel is the honest cop investigating the death of a young girl. He and his partner uncover the drug scene, secret mob connections and police corruption. Ron Howard's father, Rance, is the right-hand man of Mr. No Legs who does all the day-to-day dirty work. The regional flavor of the Tampa, FL locations, club music and fashions is a sight to behold. Shoot-outs, bar brawls, explosions and a long car chase finale. Directed by the guy who wore the monster suit in The Creature From The Black Lagoon!

BONUS: Original trailer

Note: Onscreen title is Gun Fighter

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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