DIRECTOR: Peter Collinson (The Italian Job, Open Season)

STARS: Suzy Kendall (Assault, Torso), Terence Morgan, Tony Beckley (Get Carter), Norman Rodway, Martine Beswick (Seizure, Thunderball)

SYNOPSIS: Psychological thriller from Britain with two men and a woman terrorizing a young couple. A married man spends the night with his mistress, Suze Kendall, at her fancy high rise apartment. In the morning the doorbell rings and a man asks to read the meter. Kendall lets him in and he behaves oddly, looking around the home, asking weird questions, etc. Eventually the man's "partner" arrives and they get more and more aggressive with the confused duo. The door is locked, they tie the married man to a chair and then break out some booze. They force Kendall to get drunk and take turns having sex with her. Eventually the men leave and Martine Beswick shows up in a short but very memorable performance. All the actors are first rate especially the two home invaders. They have lots of juicy dialog as they psychologically torture the innocent couple. One of the creeps, Tony Beckley, has a great soliloquy about what happens when someone flushes a baby alligator down the toilet! Based on a play the whole film takes place in the penthouse. Similar to films like Lady in a Cage, Wait Until Dark, Funny Games, etc. Nothing overly explicit here, and it's all very British in the end, but worth a look.

*For more see:
Erotic Three, The Touchables and Erotismo / Gemidos de Placer

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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