40 Graves For 40 Guns dvd

(aka Revenge of the Wild Bunch)


DIRECTOR: Paul Hunt (The Clones, Harem Bunch, Twisted Nightmare)

STARS: Robert Padilla (The Devil and Leroy Bassett), Gregory Sierra (as "Dirk Pino" — Towering Inferno, Papillon), Federico Gomez, Sue Bernard (Faster Pussycat…), Royal Dano (Messiah of Evil, Ghoulies II)

SYNOPSIS: Exploitation legend Harry Novak produced this 1971 Western obscurity. The heroes of the film are a group of Mexican banditos. They're approached by the federales to do a "Dirty Dozen" style mission in exchange for clemency for their various crimes. The goal is to cross the border into the United States and bring back, or kill, a gang of gringos who shot up a Mexican town, killed a priest and stole a golden cross from the church. The men have little choice and soon find themselves in a one-horse town full of racist settlers. They easily take over the town and then wait for the gang to return so they can knock them off. Low budget and slow paced for the first half, the producers clearly spent their budget on bullet squibs. The action-packed finale has lots of sangre spraying from every body part possible. There are a few nude sex scenes as the townswomen (including Faster Pussycat's Bernard) prefer the rugged Mexicans over the local jerks. At the very least, Machismo is unique as an American made film with Mexican characters as the leads and heroes. Future Sanford & Son / Barney Miller star Sierra is clearly the most talented performer playing a hot-headed member of the Mexican gang who has the best dialogue. Look quick for genre actor / stuntman Gary Kent as a cowpoke who gets shot in the face. The D.P. (Ron Garcia) was also responsible for Swinger's Massacre, Harem Bunch, Schoolgirls in Chains and One From the Heart!

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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