(Special Two DVD Disc set)

None credited

STARS: Larry Friedman, Barry Michlin (Wild Gypsies)

SYNOPSIS: This is an extremely rare, short-lived, 70's TV series that focused on healthy eating. A group of young teens solve nutrition problems and mysteries. In their spare time they jam out in their 70's rock band. You'll thrill to songs like: "Good Nutrition", "Share a Snack with a Friend", "You Gotta Eat Breakfast" and more! They're sort of like The Little Rascals meet The Partridge Family. Nerdy adult "Wilbur Dooright" is on hand to help the kids and perform awkward physical comedy. This is a live action series with some animation, puppets and stock footage thrown in for good measure. Campy, nostalgic, very 70's and… nutritious too! For fans of 70's TV classics like Vegetable Soup, Zoom, etc. Transferred from 16mm prints.

Disc 1:
"The Great Nutrition Turn-On"
"Look Inside Yourself"
"The Flim-Flam Man"

Disc 2:
"Getting It All Together"
"The Racer That Lost His Edge"

NOTE: This is a live action series! It is NOT animated although it does feature some animated sequences.

*For more see:
Nutcase, Doodles Lover Diary, Duncan's World and The Mystery of the Million Dollar Hockey Puck

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free / Code Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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