(1984 / 1985)

Two Programs on one DVD!

Mutant Video: Various / Flicks: Peter Winograd

STARS: Mutant Video: Jim Belushi (Red Heat), Taylor Negron (Fast Times at Ridgemont High), Rob Riley, Chris Bliss / Flicks: Pamela Sue Martin (Nancy Drew), Joan Hackett (The Terminal Man), Martin Mull (Clue), Richard Belzer, George 'Buck' Flower (Norma, Gemini Affair), Harry Shearer (voiceover) (Spinal Tap)


Mutant Video: A collection of six rare comedy short films. They remind me of the short films between skits in the early years of Saturday Night Live. Zero reviews on the IMDB for this one. Running time: 1hr

The Cleansing: This very polished short is the weirdest of the bunch. A shy nerdy woman spots slobbish Jim Belushi around town and falls for him. After a few dates (including lots of fast food) she brings him home to meet her intensely religious parents and things go wrong.
The shortest film in the set is an experimental film with a man juggling and lots of very early computer animation.
Rocket to Stardom: Shot like a horror film, this one shows a man living in a remote cabin. One night a group of new wave looking alien zombies come out of the ground. He mindlessly drives them to a recording studio where an engineer (Taylor Negron) is working late. The aliens (the musical group 'Odd Numbers') grab guitars, a drum set and synthesizer and create a "Missing Persons" style song on the spot. The engineer records it for posterity.
Extended Play: My second favorite in this collection that is also the wildest. An awkward young man drools at a sexy girl making his ice cream cone at a shop in the mall. Then he makes his way over to the arcade where strange people are playing (fake) video games and pinball machines. The workers hook up a brand new machine called "Mig Alley". Our hero balks at the $1.00 price but decides to play anyway. After getting securely strapped in the seat he's in a dogfight shooter game dodging enemy aircraft. Unbeknownst to him the bullets that fly past his head are killing the patrons on the arcade!
The best film in this collection. A hilarious pitch perfect parody of 1950's educational films. It features a young girl trying to find out what gravity is all about. Most of the adults in her life, including her older sister having wild sex, can't seem to help her. Finally a nerdy scientist, along with an animated "Jiminy Cricket" style character, provide some answers. Unfortunately, it turns out that the Earth is having a gravity shortage but some tips are given on how you can help.
Sugar or Plain: A young couple get more than they bargained for at a local ice cream shop. Soda jerk Jim Belushi and his co-worker assault them with endless options on their order including the title question "Sugar for Plain?".

Flicks: A parody of a Saturday Matinee at the movies including trailers, cartoons, serials, a newsreel and two "features". There are two animated shorts featuring a cat and mouse duo (ala "Tom and Jerry") living at the cartoon actors retirement home. But, despite their aches and pains, old habits die hard as the two beat and pummel each other endlessly. There are two episodes of a "Flash Gordon" parody called Lost Heroes of the Milky Way. Joan Hackett pilots the starship S.S. President Nixon and fights with space villain "Tang" (Martin Mull doing his best 'Ming the Merciless' impression). Also onboard is Richard Belzer playing a hippie astronaut who sniffs space coke with a sexy girl and our old pal George 'Buck' Flower briefly seen as a "Eagle Man (a riff on Flash Gordon's "Prince Vultan"). The first 23 minute feature is House of the Living Corpse with an oversexed Martin Mull and his blonde girlfriend moving into a completely dilapidated mansion where a deformed inbred monster lives behind the walls. There's another fake movie trailer and then the 2nd (20min) feature called Philip Alien Space Detective. Our hero is a giant upright bug creature with four arms, an overcoat and the classic film noir narration (courtesy of Harry Shearer). He gets hired by a femme (or bug) fatale to find her husband. He travels to Earth and fits right in on Hollywood Blvd. A sympathetic human (Pamela Sue Martin) helps him out and together they solve the mystery involving illegal laser guns, a can of Raid and the Hollywood sign. A fun mix of stuff in this video store obscurity. Running time: 1hr 20mins

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Fullscreen / Color (both programs)

Region Free / Code Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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