(aka Bells)


DIRECTOR: Michael Anderson (Naked Edge, Logan's Run)

STARS: Richard Chamberlain (The Last Wave, The Swarm), John Houseman (Rollerball), Sara Botsford (Deadly Eyes), Robin Gammell (Rituals), Barry Morse (Funeral Home, The Changling)

SYNOPSIS: A surprisingly enjoyable thriller from Canada. At a quiet subway station a woman answers a ringing payphone and a blast of high pitched energy causes her eyes, nose and mouth to bleed. Then a larger burst sends her lifeless body flying through the air with the receiver left melting. This turns out to be a "test" run for a sociopath with a grudge. He invented a device to murder people by sending powerful electrical currents through telephone receivers. Next he begins methodically killing his enemies. Enter "Nat Bridger" (Chamberlain) a college professor with a good knowledge of electricity. The first victim was a student of his and he realizes her death was not an accident. When a jaded detective blows him off he starts snooping around for clues and soon becomes the killer's target as well. The film moves along quickly and the murder scenes have some real kick to them. I always found Chamberlain to be a little too laid back as an actor so it's nice seeing him be more aggressive and cunning. Houseman plays an old friend who helps Chamberlain with his investigation. Filmed in Canada.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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