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VHS_sticker_R Restricted Double Feature




(aka Don't Turn Out the Light)

(1990 / 1987)

(Double Feature on
one DVD)

DIRECTOR: Night Brings Charlie: Tom Logan / Skull: A Night of Terror: Robert Bergman (A Whisper to a Scream)

STARS: Night Brings Charlie: Chuck Whiting, Kerry Knight, Joe Fishback / Skull: A Night of Terror: Robert Bidaman (Terminal Justice), Nadia Capone, Nial Lancaster, Erica Fairfield

SYNOPSIS: Two horror / thriller rarities with short running times on one disc.

The Night Brings Charlie: Here's a low budget regional horror film shot in Florida. A masked psycho uses garden tools to kill the residents of a small town. During the day we see the killer clad in overalls, safety goggles and a gaiter as he tends to his landscaping chores. People often remark about the unfortunate accident that left him disfigured. As the body count rises the local sheriff and coroner become more concerned about having a serial killer on their hands. Meanwhile the coroner's teenage daughter decides to do some investigating of her own to find out the truth. The killer's favorite weapon is a serrated tree saw but he also uses garden shears, an axe and a chainsaw. There's a good amount of blood and gore including a severed head and an impressive fire gag. At one point the killer watches a chesty girl take a steamy shower while she drinks a very prominently displayed can of "Diet Pepsi"! In one funny touch, after committing another murder, the killer crosses out the population number on the town's welcome sign and changes it from 1251 to 1250! Running time: 1hr 16mins

Skull: A Night of Terror: An NYC cop "David" moves his family to the country after accidentally shooting a hostage in a dark alley. Settling into a small upstate New York (actually Ontario) town's police station he assumes he won't have to ever use his gun again. As luck would have it David and his partner are tasked with transferring a trio of prison convicts when a female accomplice tricks them into stopping and the whole crew escapes. The desperate criminals end up at a remote farmhouse that just happens to be David's home. His wife, son and daughter are there along with a sexy friend that David happens to be screwing. The bad guys terrorize the family and discover a large cache of weapons. The leader is a hulking bald brute with a face scar and eyepatch named… "Skull". He barks orders and seems very sweet on David's pre-teen daughter. We also learn he's afraid of the dark! Hence the alternate title of this film: Don't Turn Out the Light. Even his hardened associates roll their eyes at this revelation. At any rate, David eventually snaps the fuck out of his pacifist stupor. We then get a motherfuckin' montage of him in the barn welding armor and weapons to battle the creeps. As night falls he cuts the electricity to the house and begins picking off the villains one by one. It all ends in a messy fistfight with Skull including gasoline fire and a box of dynamite. This forgotten low budget film is cheesy fun with the female leads getting naked multiple times, some minor gore and over-the-top performances. Running time: 1hr 16mins

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

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