DIRECTOR: Izhak Hanooka

STARS: Chris Parker, Brian Matthews, Tom Badel (Out on Bail), Jack Carter (The Octagon, Alligator), William Smith (Hollywood Man, Blackjack)

SYNOPSIS: A young man moves to Hollywood in hopes of stardom and instead finds drugs, sleaze & violence. Small town boy "Randy" (Chris Parker) takes a bus to Hollywood and meets up with an old friend "David". It's not long before he realizes that getting noticed in the entertainment business will be much harder than he thought. David introduces him to a shady drug dealer who specializes in cocaine, as well as a cute young blonde actress who does porn on the side to pay her bills. He gets a job working at a cheesy souvenir shop owned by genre fave William Smith. He's like a father figure to the naive Randy. Eventually, the drug dealer and his associates are looking to kill David after he steals their stash. Even worse, Randy catches his girl screwing around on him. It all comes to a head with Randy being chased by the dealers and using a gun to defend himself. Parker is a little dull in the lead role but it's nice seeing Smith (the same year he did Maniac Cop) in a rare sympathetic role. The real scene stealer is Tom Badal as the always smiling, ball-busting coke dealer. He switches from fun-loving guy to sociopath and back again with ease. The film has some minor nudity, drug use and a few action scenes. There's a lot of location footage of Hollywood and L.A. circa 1987. Mann's Chinese theater is showing The Living Daylights.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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