DIRECTOR: Alan Rudolph (Trouble in Mind)

STARS: Geraldine Chaplin (Z.P.G.), Anthony Perkins (The Fool Killer), Moses Gunn (Shaft, Rollerball), Berry Berenson, Jeff Goldblum (The Fly), Tim Thomerson (Trancers), Alfre Woodard, Dennis Franz

SYNOPSIS: Geraldine Chaplin stars as a woman just released from prison after more than a decade behind bars. Arriving in a small California town she gets a job at the local Thrifty store with Jeff Goldblum as her boss. She also begins to methodically stalk and harass Anthony Perkins and his wife. Chaplin rips flowers out of their garden, disables their cars and breaks a picture window. She spies on the couple and even sneaks into their house to go through their belongings. Her connection to Perkins and the reason behind her behavior is slowly revealed (I won't spoil it here). The film is part psychological thriller and part character study. Chaplin is memorable as the unstable, and unstoppable protagonist. She can be sweet in one moment and then shockingly vicious the next. She's not a killer but she does stab one poor guy in the chest with a pencil! It's interesting seeing Perkins play a real jerk with hardly any redeeming values. Thomerson, Woodard and Franz all show up in small roles at the start of their careers. Moses Gunn is the landlord at Chaplin's apartment who has a crush on her. Robert Altman produced the film and Tak Fujimoto (Silence of the Lambs) was the cinematographer. Never released on vhs or dvd.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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