~ VCR classics:
"War Games" ~

Double Feature




(1987 / 1991)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Master Blaster: Glenn Wilder / Stealthhunters: Matt Trotter

STARS: Master Blaster: Jeff Moldovan, Donna Rosea, Joe Hess / Stealthhunters: Bruce Carey, Carlos Duque, Candace Kita

SYNOPSIS: War games turn deadly in these two rare films.

Master Blaster: A tough war vet travels down south for a paintball treasure hunt. The contestants are all regional winners who are now competing for a big money prize in the larger game. They are a mixed bag of stereotypical characters: three racist rednecks, a policewoman, a book author, Asian martial arts master, Italian bodyguard, etc. There's some light humor as everyone gets to know each other and a few friendships are made. Once the game begins the trick is to find and retrieve the cash without getting shot by another player. Before long it turns out someone is playing for keeps: a shooting, a hanging, acid in the face, and more. Our Nam vet hero is determined to find out who the killer is. There's a pretty energetic, and convincing, martial arts fight between the vet and the bodyguard. Plus a fair amount of blood and some nudity in this one. It was produced by director William Grefe (Death Curse of Tartu, Stanley, etc). Filmed in Florida.

Stealthhunters: A platoon of soldiers are sent into the woods to perform a practice exercise against a small group of "Stealthhunters". These hunters are genetically altered human soldiers with computerized brains who feel no pain. They were created by a secretive corporation and remind me of the killers from Ted Mikel's Astro Zombies. Before the war games begin the Stealthhunters replace the blank cartridges in their guns with live ammunition. They quickly wipe out the platoon except for one black soldier. He manages to get away and jump into a truck filled with young people on camping trip. The group makes a run for an old warehouse where the rest of the film takes place. At this point it's Assault on Precinct 13 (organized armed group) combined with Night of the Living Dead (zombie-like creatures). There are also some juicy scenes that take place in a lab where we see Stealthhunters being operated on. The doctor and lab techs seem like they watched Re-Animator too many times. Overall the film is very bloody and gory with shootings, stabbings, dismemberment, nail bombs and a man on fire. I found this one surprisingly entertaining. The action starts about 20 minutes in and doesn't stop until the end. Shot on video so don't expect any Full Metal Jacket style visuals. Filmed in Texas. Zero reviews on the IMDB for this one.

*For more see: Nightwars, The Vindicator, La Traque, High Velocity and Hunter's Blood / Bridge to Nowhere

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Master Blaster / Stealthhunters" : $30.00

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