(aka Order to Assassinate) (aka Order to Kill)

(aka El Clan de los Inmorales)


DIRECTOR: José Gutiérrez Maesso

STARS: Helmut Berger (Beast with a Gun, Faceless), Sydne Rome (What?, Sex with a Smile), Kevin McCarthy (The Howling, Piranha), Jose Ferrer (Bloody Birthday)

SYNOPSIS: A professional assassin (Berger) is sent to kill his next victim. When he arrives at the residence he sees that the target is a fellow hitman who he's friendly with. Because he hesitates in taking his shot… the big boss now wants Berger dead too. Thus begins a cat & mouse game with Berger trapped on a small island run by crime lord McCarthy. Government man Ferrer offers him a ticket out of the country but first he must kill McCarthy. Sydney Rome plays Berger's love interest. She's super sexy in this one and gets naked for sex scenes with no less than three different men! The 2nd half of the film is fun as Ferrer tasks Berger with training three men to help him get into McCarthy's heavily guarded home. It turns into a bit of a caper film at this point. There are shoot-outs, explosions and lots of sweaty locations. McCarthy and (especially) Ferrer look like they're having a lot of fun with their roles. A local theater that Rome goes to is playing Enter the Dragon and Charley Varrick.

*For more see:
Killer vs Killers, Uranium Conspiracy, Target Eagle and Portrait of a Hitman

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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