( aka Mysterious Jane )


DIRECTOR: Pamela Sweet & Harry Flynn

STARS: Cleo O'Hara (Evil Come - Evil Go), John Barnum (The Cremators), Christopher Geoffries (Booby Trap, The Godchildren, Scream in the Streets)

SYNOPSIS: Suburban housewife "Jane" is attacked and raped by a creepy man with a limp while taking a shower. Her husband is busy cheating with his mistress while this happens. Afterwards the husband and police are not sure if she was actually assaulted or it was her imagination. Later the husband has sex with her and can only get off by tying her hands behind her back and making her squirm in pain. When Jane sees her attacker in the rearview mirror while driving one day her husband has her committed to an institution. Things go from bad to worse as she's strapped to a bed naked and molested by both a male and female nurse! Meanwhile the detective on the case has second thoughts and follows the clues to save our heroine. Pitched somewhere between a classic drive-the-heiress-crazy plot and Polanski's Repulsion the finale reveals what's real and what's fantasy. Lots of sex scenes, full frontal nudity, violence and a little action. Judging by the film itself and the lack of end credits I can't tell where it was filmed, although it had its premiere in Rochester, NY. My Deep Hunger is the only feature these two filmmakers made and has zero reviews on the IMDB.

Note: the onscreen title is Mysterious Jane

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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