DIRECTOR: Antonio Margheriti (aka Anthony Dawson) (Ark of the Sun God, Yor - Hunter of the Future, Car Crash)

STARS: Dean Jones (That Darn Cat, Love Bug), Gastone Moschin (Caliber 9, The Godfather Pt. II, Seven Golden Men), Ingeborg Schoner (Mark of the Devil), Luciano Pigozzi (Hunters of the Golden Cobra, Yor - Hunter of the Future, Tiger Joe)

SYNOPSIS: Family friendly actor Dean Jones is known for his G rated comedies from Walt Disney like That Darn Cat and Blackbeard's Ghost. Somehow an Italian production company got him to star in this film between The Love Bug and The Million Dollar Duck. Dean plays a likable absent-minded scientist who stumbles onto a potion for invisibility. Before long some criminal types are trying to steal it from him and chaos ensues. He turns invisible to fight the crooks and prevent a co-worker (Moschin) from stealing his love interest (sexy Schoner). He even enlists his shaggy dog "Dillon" to help out. Plenty of slapstick, chases, silly jokes and objects floating through the air by themselves. Strictly kids stuff but entertaining nonetheless. It's especially funny seeing tough guy Moschin, so memorable in Fernando Di Leo's Caliber 9 and Godfather II (he's the guy De Niro shoots in the hallway), as a bumbling momma's boy dandy with a British accent. Margheriti regular Pigozzi plays the villain's main henchmen doing his best Peter Lorre look and voice. From the director of Cannibals in the Streets!

Mr Superinvisible - Dillon the dog

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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