DIRECTOR: Gy Waldron ("Dukes of Hazzard")

STARS: James (Jim) Mitchum (Code Name: Zebra Force, Trackdown), Kiel Martin (Trick Baby), Arthur Hunnicut (Harry and Tonto), Chris Forbes (Sleeper), Pete Munro (Voyage of the Rock Aliens), Waylon Jennings

SYNOPSIS: Kiel Martin and James Mitchum run moonshine in this action packed precursor to The Dukes of Hazard. Good ol' boy cousins "Bobby Lee" (Martin) and "Grady" (Mitchum) run moonshine for their Uncle Jesse. They stay one step ahead of the law but their biggest problem is a rival bootlegger, "Jake Rainy", who is backed by NYC mob money. The two bootlegging families blow up each other's moonshine stills and intercept deliveries. As you can imagine most of the action is car chases through the rolling hills and dirt roads of Georgia. There are many plot points and characters that were later used in The Dukes of Hazard but unlike the show this film is more serious. It has plenty of comedic moments but characters die and it's just not as silly. Character actor Pete Munro is memorable as the loyal but not-so-swift "Zeebo". Country music legend Waylon Jennings provides the familiar narration. Billy Joe Shaver, Jerry Reed and Lee Clayton provide the songs. Despite what you might see online (Amazon, Ebay, etc) this film has never been officially released on dvd.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free / Code Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Moonrunners" : $20.00

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