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Double Feature


(aka Street Warriors)



(aka Street Warriors II)

(1977 / 1979)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Jose Antonio de la Loma (The Barcelona Kill, Killing Machine)

STARS: Perros Callejeros: Ángel Fernández Franco / Perros Callejeros 2: Ángel Fernández Franco

SYNOPSIS: Two sleazy "quinqui" films focusing on delinquent teens in 1970's Spain.

Perros Callejeros: If you've ever seen the cheesy VHS box cover of this one in a bargain bin you probably passed it right over it. In fact, this film, and it's sequel, were big hits in the grindhouses of late 70's Spain. They focus on a group of juvenile delinquents who spend their days robbing cars, doing drugs, having sex and avoiding la policia! There's hardly a dull moment in this one. Director Loma was clever in that he hired real street kids, who were living a life of crime, to star in the film. Plus the movie is shot in real locations giving it an overall docu-drama feel. The star of Perros is the charismatic, real life delinquent, known as "El Torete". A local legend in the slums of 1970's Barcelona. He seems good-hearted to his family and friends but misguided. There's a few scenes where older mentors try to steer him on an honest path. The film is a series of ups and downs for Torete as he and his friends seem to be on an endless crime spree. A shocking scene towards the end with Torete and a local crime boss will surprise you. Some people might find the dubbed English voices corny (they are) but I thought they added to the charm. I always prefer the original voices in a film but I imagine the real non-actor voices aren't much better. A lot of the dialog is funny no matter what the language. Plus with all the location shooting it probably would have been post dubbed anyway. I really found this film, and its sequel, entertaining! Dubbed in English

Perros Callejeros II: The sequel goes a little meta on us! It starts where the first film ended and explains that Perros Part I was just a narrative film we were watching with actors. Part II shows how the success of the film effects a real life street kid like Torete! There's even an actor who plays the director of the first film. He gets involved with Torete and tries to help him out of his criminal life. There's also an extended sequence of Torete in prison with older hardened convicts. The budget looks a little bigger on this one but we still have the rampant car theft, car chases, drug use, prostitution, sleazy sex, rape and bellbottom pants for everyone. Packed with traditional Rumba, as well as Disco, music. The quality of female actors goes way up in this one. They're muy caliente. And they have multiple nude and sex scenes. An entertaining exploitation winner. Fans of movies like: Los Olvidados, Over the Edge, City of God and Kids will enjoy these two film. Dubbed in English

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Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front and back art)

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