(1984 / 1989)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Panther Squad: Pierre Chevalier (Dr. Orloff's Invisible Monster) / L.A. Bounty: Worth Keeter

STARS: Panther Squad: Sybil Danning (French Pussycat, Julie Darling), Jack Taylor (Angel of Death, Sea Serpent), Karin Schubert / L.A. Bounty: Sybil Danning, Wings Hauser (Vice Squad, Street Asylum), Bob Minor (Delinquent Schoolgirls), Robert Quarry (Count Yorga)

SYNOPSIS: Two action-packed, low cut bra, leather pants and smoking guns Sybil Danning favorites!

Panther Squad: In the heyday of vhs a video cover with art like Panther Squad made it a sure-fire winner to any teenage boy with a vcr. Sybil Danning heads up an all-girl commando squad who run around in leather pants, black boots, short-shorts, headbands and heels! They're out to save the world against some foreign terrorist something-or-other in a sun baked locale. To be fair most of these proceedings are done with tongue firmly in cheek playing to the boobs and guns crowd. Genre vet Jack Taylor who's been in everything from Franco's Succubus to Horror of the Zombies to Pieces plays the team's often befuddled helper. The opening credits theme (see clip below) is worth the price of admission.

L.A. Bounty:
For her last starring role (not counting cameos like Grindhouse, Halloween (2007), etc) Sybil Danning not only plays the lead but also produced and wrote the story for this actioner. Her best move as producer was hiring Wings Hauser to play the sleazy coke-dealing, crazed artist, villain of the film. To be fair, Hauser gets the bulk of dialog and screen time here - and he chews it up beautifully. Any genre fan who gets misty-eyed thinking of Hauser's unforgettable performance in Vice Squad will see a little bit of the old "Ramrod" in this film. Danning plays an ex-cop / bounty hunter in the mold of 80's action stars (Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, etc). She lets her shotgun do most of the talking. Hauser's character has kidnapped a politician and Danning is out to save him and get revenge for the death of her partner. Vets like Bob Minor and Robert Quarry show up for the fun. Surprisingly action packed.

NOTE: This is a special Two Disc set priced at $30.00

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Fullscreen / Color: Both films

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Panther Squad / L.A. Bounty" : $30.00

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