(aka L'amour a la Bouche)


DIRECTOR: Gerard Kikoine (Rx for Sex, Edge of Sanity)

STARS: Nadine Perles (The Story of O), Elton Frame, Alain Schwartz

SYNOPSIS: A skinny model, "Natalie", gets invited to a party by a friendly couple including cute "Marie". The card game turns into strip poker and then a full frontal orgy. Natalie is afraid to join in but later masturbates at home. The next day Marie sends a leather biker over to Natalie's house to bring her to a new party. He violently rapes her in a graphic scene but by the end she's writhing in ecstasy. At the dinner party she's fingered under the table by the same man. The next adventure is a wild hedonistic bash at an estate in the French countryside. Drinking, drugs, nude dancing, masks, lesbianism and more. The next morning Natalie and a friend go for a walk. They run into three hunters and things get shockingly violent in an old cabin. Tons of sex and nudity in this fast moving sexploitation winner. Dubbed in English. Yet another J4HI rarity with no reviews on the IMDB.

*For more see:
Emanuelle and Joanna, Fyre, Norma, Beyond Love and Evil, Scandal in Denmark and Erotismo / Gemidos de Placer

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Mannequin" : $20.00

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