(1961 / 1967)

DIRECTOR: Paradisio: H. Haile Chace (Damaged Goods) / Bachelor's Dream: A.C. Stephens (Orgy of the Dead, The Snow Bunnies)

STARS: Paradisio: Arthur Howard, Eva Waegner / Bachelor's Dream: Abner Bidle, Coleen O'Brien, Bunny Glaser

SYNOPSIS: Two vintage nudie titles on one disc.

Paradisio: Made two years after Russ Meyer's The Immoral Mr. Teas it's obvious the filmmaker was inspired by the smut king's film. A nerdy professor finds a pair of X-ray glasses and every time he looks at the ladies...their clothing disappears! So, he travels the globe to look at unsuspecting women and get mixed up in some espionage hijinx.  That includes a sexy femme tailing him at one point. A harmless, hard-to-find, nudie classic. Originally shown in 3-D. This is the 2-D version. Running time: 1hr 16mins

Bachelor's Dream: A stereotypical "dirty old man", named Abner Biddle, has daydreams about the models he sees in his girlie books. They come to life dancing, stripping, writhing and performing for him. Running time: 33mins

*For more nude fun see:
Artist Studio Secrets / Kipling's Women, What's Up Front, Chatterbox, Ms Stiletto and Tempting Roommates

Paradisio: Fullscreen / Black & White with color sequences
Bachelor's Dream: Fullscreen / Black & White with color sequences

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Paradisio / Bachelor's Dream" : $20.00

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