DIRECTOR: Chih-Hung Kuei (The Killer Snakes)

STARS: Yun Ling, Terry Liu, Danny Lee (Run & Kill, The Killer)

SYNOPSIS: Exploitation film from China with a gang of sadistic bikers terrorizing a group of vacationers. There's trouble from the beginning as a man, his wife and sister travel by ferry to an island getaway. A large group of rowdy bikers physically and verbally assault them on the boat. The man is a bit of a wimp and tells the women it's best to avoid any confrontation. On the island they meet up with their friend and cross paths a few more times with the gang, who continues to harass them. While being chased one of or heroes runs a biker off a small cliff. Later the gang leader's hot-headed brother rapes and kills one of the women. Afterwards, he's captured and tied up at the beach house. The action packed finale is a violent version of Home Alone with the bikers attacking the survivors at the house. As they try to get inside our heroes battle them with boiling oil, electrocution, molotov cocktails, a speargun and an outboard boat propeller! Tons of violence, martial arts, motorcycle action and good dose of nudity too. In Chinese with English subtitles. Widescreen / Window-boxed

*For more see:
Street Gangs of Hong Kong, Don't Play with Fire and Mad Foxes

Widescreen (window-boxed) / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Killers on Wheels" : $20.00

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