(aka Killing in Istanbul)


DIRECTOR: Yilmaz Atadeniz

STARS: Irfan Atasoy, Pervin par, Muzzaffer Tema

SYNOPSIS: Turkish Kriminal rip-off with a skull-faced villain causing havoc. "Kilink" enters in film wrapped in bandages like a mummy while inside a coffin. A buxom blonde injects him and he is unwrapped to reveal his full body skeleton suit and mask! He's a criminal genius, expert fighter and a master of disguise. Kilink immediately starts out to acquire a secret formula for a machine to rule the world. He kills his old partner and grabs the formula but it's incomplete. The rest of the film is spent with Kilink and his gang trying to find it. Meanwhile a relative of one of Kilink's victims makes a wish to get revenge. A Zeus-type god appears before him and grants his wish. He must simply say "Shazam!" and he will be transformed into a Superman / Shazam rip-off superhero complete with cape and a big "S" on his chest! He is impervious to bullets, super strong and can fly. This movie moves very quickly and feels more like an old 1940's serial than anything else. Every 10 minutes or so there's a fight, a chase, a shoot out or someone getting tortured. The girls are all surprisingly sexy. Kilink's goons all dress the same and one of them looks like Borat. The special effects are super cheesy especially when Shazam is flying. Please Note: This extremely rare transfer, from one of the few surviving prints, and has a good amount of wear and tear. Between the black & white image, scratched up print and the Turkish language, which can sometimes sound like spoken English backwards, this is like an Avengers film directed by David Lynch! In Turkish language with English subtitles.

Bonus: Almost 25 mins of wild Turkish film trailers including rarities like the rip-offs of Superman, Captain America and Spider-Man

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Fullscreen / Black & White

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Kilink Istanbul Da" : $20.00

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