Sex and the American Teenager


Terry Dunn Meurer, Robert Richardson

STARS: Various 80's teens, Lawrence Pressman (narrator)

SYNOPSIS: Made for cable documentary featuring interviews with teenagers about their sex lives (circa 1985 in Philadelphia). This is one nostalgic blast for the time capsule. If you grew up in the 80's you'll instantly recognize the fashions, hairdos, cars and attitudes of these teens. Most of the kids talk with a heavy Philly / South Jersey accent, too. Unlike anything you might see on Instagram or TikTok, these subjects are somewhat camera shy. They feel like 'real' kids in their awkwardness and frankness. They talk about having sex, blowjobs, getting pregnant, birth control, not getting laid and how much they share this info with their parents. Many are surprisingly candid, including a nerdy boy who outlines his 4-year plan to get a girlfriend, or another who tears up when talking about wanting not just sex but love. You even get to see a little sidewalk breakdancing… Philly style! It's a palate cleanser to the modern social media narcissists who are much more self-aware and savvy. Co-directed and shot by Oscar winning cinematographer Robert Richardson (Hateful Eight, Kill Bill, Natural Born Killers, etc.). A recommended winner.

*For more see: Mustang: House of Pleasure, Hooker and Libidomania

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free / Code Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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