( aka Tropic Heat )


Edward Mann (Hallucination Generation, Hooch)

STARS: Christopher St John (Shaft, Top of the Heap), Tudi Wiggins (Monkey Shines), Greer St John

SYNOPSIS: A lonely NYC housewife "Jill" (Tudi Wiggins) gets invited on a much needed getaway to the Caribbean by her friend. She meets hunky handyman "McIver" (Christopher St. John) and it isn't long before they begin a torrid love affair. He shows her the island's delights: beaches, cuisine, shopping, scuba diving, his bed, etc. They even go to an "obeah" voodoo ceremony where Jill has a bad trip on some hallucinogens as the locals play music, dance and sacrifice a chicken! One of St. John's lovers gets jealous and pays a priestess to make a fetish doll and put the whamma-jamma on Jill to get her out of the picture which leads to a twist ending. There's a good amount of nudity in this one but it's not overtly a sexploitation film. For the time period in which is was released it may have been racy with it's interracial love theme but now it seems a bit tame.

Note: the onscreen title is
Tropic Heat

*For more see:
The Divine Nymph, Black Maid and Patricia

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free / Code Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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