( aka Getting Off )


John Sone (Love in a Four Letter Word)

STARS: Andre Lawrencé (The Pleasure Seekers, And Hope to Die), Mignon Elkins (In Praise of Older Women), Michèle Mecure (East End Hustle), Susan Petrie (Shivers)

SYNOPSIS: An entertaining sexploitation comedy from Canada. A rich young man "Reggie" is on his way to give French lessons when his fancy car breaks down. A tricked out car full of hippies give him a ride and they make a pit stop for some nude swimming in a creek. After that they bring him to their communal house filled with sex, drugs and free living. The main hippie is the charismatic "Lucien". When Lucien has some trouble with the local cops Reggie suggests he and Lucien temporarily switch places until things cool down. He'll stay behind and help out the commune while Lucien goes to teach French to the upperclass family girl. They both agree and Reggie gets his long hair snipped and a proper bath before heading off. While Reggie is busy screwing hippy girls Lucien is nearly getting raped by his new student, her sister and her mother! In one funny scene the sexy maid of the house (who already screwed Lucien) spikes the appetizers at a high class party with weed. The sex in this film isn't overly explicit but the amount of nudity (male and female) will make your head spin.

*For more sex comedies from Canada see:
Snowballin', One Night Only, Two Women in Gold and Pinball Summer

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free / Code Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Loving and Laughing" : $20.00

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