(aka Slasher in the House)


DIRECTOR: Nettie Peña

STARS: Jake Steinfeld (Coming to America), Vinessa Shaw (Eyes Wide Shut), Peter De Paula, Don Edmonds

SYNOPSIS: Musclebound Jake Steinfeld kicks off this film by laughing maniacally as he strangles a man parked on a dirt road. Afterwards, he injects drugs under his tongue and takes off in the stolen car. A close-up of his left hand on the steering wheel reveals a tattoo reading "Home Sweet Home". Soon after, he runs over an old lady at a crosswalk and her blood splatters his windshield.
Meanwhile, a bunch of middle class yuppie types are meeting up at a remote California hillside house for a dinner party. The house is owned by the not-so-slick Don Edmonds (real life director of
Ilsa: She Wolf of the S.S. and Terror on Tour) who appears in the film's only sex scene that shows nudity. After the friends show up to the house and get ready for their meal, Steinfeld cuts the electricity to the house and starts knocking off the annoying guests. Various methods are used to dispatch them like electrocution, stabbing, throat slashing and one hapless victim becomes crushed by a car hood while checking his engine. One character is a tenant at the house and you will hate him. He wears full mime face make-up and carries an electric guitar with a small amp strapped on his back. He's constantly "scaring" the guests and making bad jokes. He dies 55 minutes into the film and you'll cheer. Jake Steinfeld has almost no dialogue in the film and overacts wildly.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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