(aka Up the World)


DIRECTOR: David Irving (C.H.U.D. II: Bud the CHUD)

STARS: Dick Shawn (Young Warriors, Best Chest in the West), Cynthia Sikes, Pierre Jalbert (The Ski Bum), Pamela Brull, LaWanda Page ("Sanford and Son"), Chuck Mitchell (Porky's), John Alderman (Teenage Jailbait, And When She Was Bad), Dan Frischman (Get Crazy), Priscilla Pointer (Carrie, Twilight Zone: The Movie), Darrell Larson (UFOria, City Limits), Angelique Pettyjohn (Hell's Belles, The Curious Female)

SYNOPSIS: Satirical comedy about a depressed TV newsman (Dick Shawn) interviewing his relatives on film before he plans to kill himself. Shawn's suicidal character and his trusty cameraman travel around the Los Angeles area and talk with his aunt, sister, brother, etc. They all have crazy lives and don't really convince him that life is worth living. The film's main narrative has very silly humor and reminded me of the wacky style of Night Patrol with Murray Langston (aka "The Unknown Comic"). But it also throws in random short skits ala Tunnel Vision and Groove Tube. These are usually in the form of fake news stories from Shawn's network. But there's also plenty of fake commercials ("Cumalot Condoms") and movie trailers ("An Officer and an Elephant Man"). Clips from Reptilicus are used in one spoof. A running gag involves showing black & white footage of the Titanic sinking. They make fun of everything: religion, race, Nazis, drugs, homosexuality and of course there's lots of toilet humor. Dated jokes about Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and disco music. Last but not least the film uses a William Castle style gimmick called "Choice-A-Rama" wherein an onscreen host asks the audience what they would like to see in the next scene. For example: a girl practicing ballet or maybe a more interesting dance (in this case we see Angelique Pettyjohn stripping out of a nun outfit in front of a man dressed like Jesus). The audience votes by clapping, yelling and banging their seats after which the scene plays out. Don't try this at home.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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