DIRECTOR: Robert Forster

STARS: Robert Forster (Peacemaker, "Breaking Bad", Death Squad), Joe Spinell (Maniac, One Man Jury), Shannon Wilcox, Kate Forster, Redmond Gleeson (The Octagon, Steel), Read Morgan (Octaman)

SYNOPSIS: Silly PG-rated comedy about a grumpy private eye (Forster) trying to solve a missing persons case in Los Angeles (circa 1985). He's always drinking, nursing hangovers and avoiding bill collectors. A running gag is that the desperate women who frequent his local bar think he's a $5.00-a-night gigolo. To add to his troubles, his 15-year old niece (Forster's real life daughter Kate) has run away from home and is determined to crash at his place. She wants to learn the private eye biz and help out with his investigation. Joe Spinell plays Forster's lawyer / business partner in his least threatening role ever. Two long sequences show off Forster's dancing skills and it turns out he's a real hoofer (who knew?). This film is light as feather and barely rises to the PG rating. Forster's only directorial effort must have been a labor of love as well as a chance to work with his daughter. It was made one year after Walking the Edge, a clip of which (with Forster & Spinell) can be seen playing on a television!

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLUE dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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