(aka Goma 2)


DIRECTOR: Jose Antonio de la Loma (Perros Callejeros, The Barcelona Kill)

STARS: Jorge Rivero (Rio Lobo, Target Eagle), Lee Van Cleef (Nowhere to Hide, Sabata), Margaux Hemingway (Lipstick), Willie Aames, Richard Jaeckel (Speedtrap, Mr. No Legs), Hugo Stiglitz (Nightmare City, Hostages!)

SYNOPSIS: Rare action revenge with tough guy trucker Jorge Rivero delivering a shipment of produce across the border into France. Violent groups of men (employed by a rival company) are stopping any outside deliveries and then destroying and setting fire to the goods. When they stop Jorge he ends up with a vicious beating. They set his truck ablaze accidentally killing his wife in the process. He takes the company boss (Jackal) to court and his sleazy lawyer (Van Cleef) gets them off with no charges. Outside the courthouse the goons beat Jorge, along with his wife's brother Willie Aames, a second time just to drive their message home. At this point Jorge goes into revenge mode. He tracks down a shady associate (Hugo Stiglitz of Nightmare City infamy) and gets some guns along with boxes full of a dangerous explosive called "Goma 2". He sneaks into France along with Aames and somehow finds time to hook up with former beauty Hemingway. His enemies are in for a shock as it turns out Jorge is a reformed terrorist whose expertise was…explosives. He starts off by blowing up a warehouse and a car. This is followed by more explosions, beatings and a shoot-out until he catches up with Van Cleef for the final showdown. Everything you would expect to find in a very 80's style, low budget, action romp.

*For more see:
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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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