(aka Fait Accompli, aka The Intruders)


DIRECTOR: Torgny Wickman (Diary of a Half Virgin, Anita)

STARS: Christopher Chittell (The Weekend Murders, Erotic Inferno), Gilda Arancio (Schoolgirl Hitchhikers), Börje Nyberg, Jacqueline Laurent, Stellan Skarsgård (Insomnia, Dune)

SYNOPSIS: Two versions on one disc of this Swedish sexploitation with blackmail, a young Stellan Skarsgård and lots of fucking. A young 1970's hippie couple, "Richard" & "Paula" travel the Swedish countryside on motorcycle looking for ways to make money and get something to eat. They witness a car crash when a drunk young man "Peter" (Skarsgård) crashes in a ditch. They help him out and see that he comes from wealth. Richard decides on a get-rich-quick blackmail scheme and soon manages to make himself (and his "sister") houseguests at Peter's family's mansion. Richard seduces Peter's oversexed stepmother while Paula beds down with a female houseguest. Before long there are wild parties filed with booze and sex as Richard begins to take over. It's up to Peter, who's fallen for Paula, and his rich father to end this twisted game. If you rented "Private Screenings" style videos back in the day you know what to expect. Stellan Skarsgård only has one sex scene but is also shown skinny dipping in the raw. The "R-rated" version running time is 1hr 23mins.

Bonus: This disc also contains the shorter "XXX version". Large chunks of the plot were removed and the sex scenes had hardcore shots inserted. The original cast were not involved in the inserts. This alternate version has a running time of 1hr 7mins.

*For more see:
Summer Heat, Erotic Passion, Clockwork Banana and Slow Burn

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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