DIRECTOR: Harry Falk (Death Squad)

STARS: Anthony Geary (Blood Sabbath), Chuck Conners (Terror Squad, Tourist Trap, Sakura Killers), Marc Singer (Beastmaster, Deadly Game), Micah Grant

SYNOPSIS: Entertaining made-for-cable Sci-Fi with buddies Geary, Singer and Grant heading out to the desert for some camping and hunting. They also plan to spread some ashes of their recently deceased hunting partner Paul (the younger Micah's uncle). As soon as they set up camp they meet grizzled tracker Conners who tells them he hasn't seen any game in weeks. Pretty soon more strange things start to happen: Conners' horses disappear, occasionally people act as if they're in a trance and one member sees the dead Paul walking around. Two sexy women camping nearby visit the men and start making moves on the surprised foursome. One blonde goes back and forth making out with both Singer and Conners! Later the girls seem confused as if they were temporarily possessed. Some of the men manage to kill a bear and then proceed to eat the meat raw much to Singer's dismay. Geary concludes that they're all losing their minds. Eventually they start to piece together the confusing series of events — which I won't spoil here. All the actors are fine, especially Geary, with pretty boy Grant being the weak link. It's great seeing 68 year-old Conners act circles around his co-stars. Plus he looks like he could kick all their asses. Made for basic cable so don't expect any nudity or gore but the film makes up for it by being completely unpredictable. You'll have no idea from scene to scene where it's headed. Fans of longer form sci-fi mysteries like the old Outer Limits television show will dig this one.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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