DIRECTOR: David Greene (The People Next Door)

STARS: Martin Sheen (The Incident, Apocalypse Now), Lou Gossett Jr (Enemy Mine), Arthur Hill, Maury Chaykin

SYNOPSIS: Excellent made-for-cable thriller. A New York City apartment building, in a slightly shady part of town, is broken into and a man is killed. The tenants have a meeting in Martin Sheen's home and discuss their options. It's decided that ex-military man Gossett will be hired to provide security. He's friendly but tough and no-nonsense. At first the residents push back against his methods but soon they grow to appreciate the peace-of-mind he gives them. Everyone except for Sheen, who sees some alarming things; Gossett talking with drug dealers, a weapon possibly planted on a thief who's shot dead, and Sheen's own son getting too close to the guardian. It culminates in a realistic and satisfying conclusion. This is a lean film with a story that moves quickly. The mystery of whether Gossett's character is a good or bad can go either way until the very end. Sheen and the supporting cast are all fine but Gossett steals the show. It's one of his best performances. Highly recommended.

*For more see:
Enemy Territory, Strangers in the City and Chains

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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