DIRECTOR: George Armitage (Hit Man, Miami Blues)

STARS: Gregg Henry (Mean Dog Blues, Body Double), Robert Culp (Hickey & Boggs), Pernell Roberts, Robin Mattson, Grant Goodeve, Royce Applegate (Outside Chance)

SYNOPSIS: Entertaining made-for-TV film starring Gregg Henry as an easygoing guy who loves working on his car and drag racing. He runs into trouble in a small California town and gets hassled by the police. Ultimately, he wants to race in the town's "Munn's Root Beer Nationals". The sleazy promoter, Robert Culp, doesn't like Henry and would much prefer that his son wins the race. All the intimidation and corruption, and a few mechanical issues, almost bring Henry to his knees but he's finally able to put his car to the test in the big race. With a cast jam-packed with colorful character actors including Ed Begley Jr as a tow truck driver and Royce Applegate as a local DJ who is sympathetic to Henry. A good amount of humor and of course lots of action too. The film moves along quickly and has a great period soundtrack. Car nuts and gear heads (who know much more about cars than I do) love this movie.

*For more see:
Midnite Spares, Speedtrap and Flash and the Firecat

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLUE dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Hot Rod" : $20.00

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